The Acting Bug

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So last year when we took De to Circe de Soliel, she started asking about acting, performing, and such. After her umpteenth request, I registered her with a casting agency locally, that I heard about from a friend who'd been an extra through them. All this seemed to do, tho, was get us on a mailing list for endless hype exhorting us to upgrade to the paid actors and models directory, which we of course ignored.

Last week, however, out of the blue, we got a call that the agency was auditioning kids De's age for a part in a commercial, so I took Ana and De both down there. It was pretty cool – there were lots of people there auditioning for all kinds of parts, and the girls had a wonderful time.

They had each girl in turn play out a short story, basically the staff told them what to do and they did it. "You feel sick…" "You're scared" "Now you're feeling better and you're hungry," stuff like that.

We went away thinking it had been a very cool experience but expecting nothing to come of it. Then I got a call that they wanted Ana to come back in for a call-back audition! (Apparently De had been too bouncy to be convincingly sick on command…)

So we did the call-back audition today. They had a bunch of women there auditioning for the "mom" role, and they were matching them up with little girls auditioning for the "kid" role and having them play through scripts. It was again, neat to experience. Here is Ana at the beginning of the call back audition, where they photographed her holding a name board.

Ana enjoyed herself, and they seemed pleased with her, but again, no expectations. Of course, Ana's now got the bug, and keeps asking if we can do it again soon…

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