Skate Pittsburgh

This weekend was the first skating competition of the season, and the girls had a wonderful time.  It was at our home rink, so much easier, with no travelling.  All 3 girls skated, and did quite well.

Ana competed in 4 events, and got 3 firsts, so she was extra happy.  She skated Special Beginner Free Skate (1st out of 4), Beginner Compulsory (1st out of 7), Beginner Spins (1st out of 8), and Beginner Jumps (4th out of 6).  Here is her free skate (and note the great new dress, Lunn gemmed it for her):


Jenya also skated in 4 events — Beginner (No Test) Free Skate (2nd out of 5), Pre-Preliminary Compulsory (3rd out of 7), Pre-Preliminary Spins (4th out of 7), and Pre-Preliminary Jumps (4th out of 4).  Here's her free skate:



And Dealia skated Basic Skills 3.  She tied for 3rd, out of 4.  Here is her free skate: