Myrtle Beach

A wonderful short trip to Myrtle Beach – Linda invited us to come and join her extended family on their annual beach vacation.  The girls had a great time with all the other kids – 5 boys, all fairly close to the girls in age.  We stayed in a nice little motel right next to the beach, and the kids played in the pool, built sandcastles, all the usual beach things.  We also went to a pier and the kids went fishing.



On the way home we spent a night in west virgina, with little cabins and a campfire.  In the morning we went whitewater rafting, and then played in the lake with all the big inflatables, slides, and zip line.  


PA Junior Championships Bike Race

Today we drove down to Ft. Cherry for the PA Junior Championship Road Bike Race.  All three girls raced.  Ana and De did 16 miles in the 10-12 year old group, and Jenya did 32 miles in the 13-15 group.  Jenya was the only girl in her group, so she came in 1st.  Ana came 2nd in her group, and De came 3rd.  Biking seems to be the opposite of figure skating – lots of boys, very very few girls.  

Before the race:


32 miles later, Jenya comes across the finish line: