Rising Stars 2011

The first away skating competition of the season was at Rising Stars near Cleveland, Ohio. There was a good group of Pittsburgh skaters there, and it was a very nice competition.

Jenya skated four events, and got first (out of 5) on her No Test Compulsory, third (out of 6) on her No Test Free Skate, first (out of 2) on Pre-Preliminary jumps, and third (out of 7) on Pre-Preliminary Spins.  Here is her free skate:


Ana did only two events, because it was her first time skating No Test.  She also got first (out of 8) on her Limited Beginner Compulsory, and third (out of 6) on her No Test Free Skate.  Here is her free skate:


Pairs Skating

Ana and her friend Ben have recently been learning how to pairs skate.  They only started taking pairs lessons this past summer, and have made quite a lot of progress.  They just learned a neat lift, called the stag lift, here they are showing it off:


And here's a nice one of their coach teaching Ana the lutz lift — I think her favorite part of lessons is having her coach pick her up and spin her around!