Schenley Show

Schenley show time again, and this year we had decent weather for a change.  The girls' Theater on Ice group did their performance, and Jenya and Ana also both did solos.

Jenya premiered her new minecraft program, which she created and choreographed herself.  It was quite funny – all the adults seemed confused as to what she was supposed to be, but all the kids were saying "wow – minecraft!!".  She did a great job – it looks really impressive.


Ana skated her new free skate program for the first time.  She downgraded a few elements because it was a show program, but I thought it looked really nice.


Ana’s PrePre Free Test

Ana took her Pre-Preliminary Freeskate test today, because she finally, after about a year of working on it, got her axel to a competitive level.  This is a very big achievement (the axel), so it's funny that she marks that achievement by taking a test that consists solely of skills she could do in her sleep two years ago. 

Anyway, here is her test, which of course she passed: