Grandparents Come to VIsit

So the girls’ Grandma Susan just left, after a two week visit.  It was a very nice visit — the girls spent a lot of time with Susan at the park, library, and just playing together in the house, and Lunn and I had a nice break to do some non-kid-intensive things.  One of their favorite haunts with Susan is Moon Park — Jenya has mastered a route on the climbing framework, and De really likes the run-around wheel.  Ana can hang from the monkey bars and swing for quite a long time. 

Lunn’s parents also stopped in for a couple days on their way back from Minnasota.  Lunn took them to the Pittsburgh Aviary and we had a nice dinner at the Casbah, one of our favorite local restaurants.   Jenya helped Bonnie learn how to play one of Jenya’s computer games, and Lunn’s old computer found a good new home with Dale.