BrickBusters Win!

Jenya's FLL robotics team, BrickBusters, won the FLL Robotics Regional Major at Sewickley Academy today!  They took first place overall out of the 19 teams competing, plus they took 2nd in the robot challenge and got honorable mentions for programming and the research presentation.

This means that they advance to the Regional Championship which will be in January. Really cool!


Ana’s Winter CFC Concert

Ana had her winter concert with the Children's Festival Chorus today.  Lovely singinging in a really big, pretty cathedral.  Unfortunately Lunn never zoomed out on the recording, so you can't really get a sense of how big the chorus is (about 60 kids), how big the audience was (huge!), or how big and nice the cathedral was.  I'll have to remember to ask him to do a beginning or ending zoom-out next time.


RMU Holiday Show

RMU Holiday show today.  The kids each did several numbers — Ana & Ben did a pairs solo, Jenya & Ana did Elena’s “Soldiers and Aliens” number, and all three girls did Crystal’s “Lion King” number.  And of course their Theater on Ice troupe had a performance.  Lots of quick costume changes, but that went better this year and I actually got to watch most of the show!

Here’s their Theater on Ice — Ana is in the red and black vampire dress, she and Ben are both vampires and do a few pairs moves.  Jenya is the big pink bunny – I love how her bunny ears look on her scratch spin.  And De is the little girl, in the blue pajamas.


And here is Ana & Ben’s pairs solo: