Skating and Singing

This weekend all three girls skated at the Mt. Lebanon competition, and also Ana's chorus had a concert.  So we spent Saturday morning at the rink, and the moment Jenya finished her compulsory we jumped in the car and zipped off to listen to Ana's concert. 

Ana skated Pre-Preliminary A (no axel) which is sort of a half step up from where she was, and she did very nice job.  She actually had originally been entered as No Test, but her time conflicted with her concert, and so Crystal was able to get her moved to PrePre A.  She placed 2nd out of 4.


De skated Basic 6 again – somewhere in the last few weeks she's really starting to look graceful on the ice.  I guess she's finally getting comfortable enough on the ice to translate all that gymnastics grace and elegance into her skating.  She has a lovely very high spiral, but unfortunately she bobbled it a bit in her program — overall very nice, tho.


And Jenya skated PrePre B (with axel) again.  She had a lovely compulsory, but unfortunately fell on her axels in her free skate, so she was rather frustrated. 

Then we had the big end of year concert for the Children's Festial Chorus.  It was very nice — music from Les Miserables, and from several other musicals and operas.  The kids sounded great, and Ana had a wonderful time and really enjoyed herself.  She sang so much that when she came home she said her diaphram was sore!