Skate Pittsburgh

Skate Pittsburgh was this weekend, and all three girls skated.  Ana & Ben did pairs, their first time moving up to PreJuvenile and a longer, 2 minute program.


Ana also did PrePre Restricted (no axel) free skate, and placed 1st (out of 7), as well as PrePre compulsory (2nd out of 5).  She skated extremely well, definitely gave it her best. 


De skated Basic 6, and won her group of 5 skaters.  It's funny, there was another girl in her flight that I bet is also a gymnast or a dancer – same mix of great hands, super high spiral, and wonky spins.  Funny.


And Jenya did PrePre Unrestricted (with axel), placing 2nd out of 4, and PrePre compulsory, where she was 1st (out of 7).