Jenya’s “Axel”

Jenya got her “Axel” today — her new pet bunny, which she named Axel.  We’ve spent the last few weeks researching, reading, and preparing to get her bunny.  Building a cage, getting supplies, and general preparation.  And today we went down to the local humane society, and she spent time with several different bunnies, until she found just the right one.  This one came right up to her and climbed in her lap, so I think the bunny picked the girl.

Here is Axel, the bunny:


Jenya's New Bunny

Schenley Park Ice Show

The figure skating club runs a learn-to-skate program at an outdoor rink at Schenley park, and the girls have been volunteer assistant coaching most saturdays.  It's really cool, and a great opportunity for the kids to learn how to teach. 

Today was the end of term ice show, and they all got to perform.  Ana and Ben skated their pairs routine for the first time, and Jenya did her competition program, plus they all did Theater on Ice. It was *very* cold, and rather windy, but they were troopers and skated well despite the skimpy costumes and frigid conditions.

Here's Ana & Ben's pairs skate:


Keystone State Games

Lunn's parents joined us for the weekend at Keystone State Games, and got to watch the girls skate.  This is the third year we've done that competition — ISI the first year, USFS the last two.  It's a really nice one, tho they have the *coldest* ice rinks I think I've been at.  Which is kind of annoying because it means no one really hangs out in the bleachers — you go in, watch your kids skate, and run back out to warm up. 

Ana had very nice skates – she got 2nd (out of 9) in her PrePreliminary Compulsory, and 3rd (out of 11) in her No Test Free Skate.  Here is her Free Skate:


Jenya competed her axel for the first time — a really big deal!  She got 3rd (out of 8) on her PrePreliminary Compulsory, and 6th (out of 9) on her PrePreliminary Free Skate.  Here is her free skate: