Keystone State Games

Lunn's parents joined us for the weekend at Keystone State Games, and got to watch the girls skate.  This is the third year we've done that competition — ISI the first year, USFS the last two.  It's a really nice one, tho they have the *coldest* ice rinks I think I've been at.  Which is kind of annoying because it means no one really hangs out in the bleachers — you go in, watch your kids skate, and run back out to warm up. 

Ana had very nice skates – she got 2nd (out of 9) in her PrePreliminary Compulsory, and 3rd (out of 11) in her No Test Free Skate.  Here is her Free Skate:


Jenya competed her axel for the first time — a really big deal!  She got 3rd (out of 8) on her PrePreliminary Compulsory, and 6th (out of 9) on her PrePreliminary Free Skate.  Here is her free skate:


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