Visit to D.C.

We had a very nice week-long visit with Lunn’s parents in Fairfax.  The girls each picked someplace to visit during the trip. Ana picked the Dulles Air & Space Musuem, and Jenya wanted to visit the Woodrow Wilson House and the National Cathedral.  At Jenya’s request, I also took her to the Holocaust museum.  It was intense, of course, and Jenya seemed to find it a bit overwhelming but very worthwhile.

Jenya at Holocaust Museum

The girls and I also had a nice visit with my friend Lynch and his two boys.  We spent the day at a local waterpark.  The girls got on well with the boys.  The twins had fun running around with his youngest, and Jenya bonded over ‘droid games with his oldest.

Jenya & Stephen

We also found time for Dale and Lunn to give the girls a lesson in guns and gun safety.  Our Wexford neighbors have teen boys who had been running around shooting bb guns in our neighborhood, so we figured it was high time the girls learned what guns really are, how they work, and how to handle them safely.

Gun Safety

All in all it was a very nice week.

Lestinas in Fairfax