Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins, originally uploaded by ruthlestina.

Ana picked out a cat theme for both her pumpkin and her costume. All the girls cleaned out their own pumpkins this year — a lot of work. Ana worked hard and fast and got done first, so she was the first one to get Lunn to carve her choice of designs into her pumpkin.

Jenya carved her own, for the first time, with some help from Lunn. And De picked out a pumpkin almost as big as she is. Everyone is looking impatiently forward to Halloween tomorrow.

Jenya joins Little Blades Synchronized Skating

Jenya has joined a synchronized skating team, Little Blades out of the RMU ice rink. She absolutely loves it — hard to believe we all started skating lessons for the first time only last January. She and her Little Blades team will be performing in various local/regional competitions starting this December.