Biotech Boot Camp

The girls spent yesterday at a Biotechnology boot camp hosted by CCAC.  They learned all about DNA, got samples of their own DNA in little vials that they put onto necklaces, did a forensic analysis project, learned about bioengineering, and generally had a wonderful time.  Plus at the end there was cake.  And they got lab coats and goggles and all kinds of CCAC swag.  Terrific day, great program.  Really cool!

2012-06-29 15.30.07

Twins’ Birthday

Today was Ana and De’s birthday — this year De picked an ice cream cake from Bruester’s, and Ana asked Daddy to make his chocolate tart for her cake.  They were thrilled with their presents — a computer for each girl, plus a new bike for De and a pair of new skates for Ana, and some spending money.  And, Lunn made each girl a special surprise – a really big custom poster for their rooms.  He had been secretly making these picures over the previous month — it was hard to hide it from the kids!  They came out really great, too.

2012-06-17 16.16.25

2012-06-17 16.22.09

Lots of Biking

Ana is having a great time with her bike racing team, Team Citius.  She's in the front on the far left, in this pic.

Ana with Team Citius

And De has finally learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, after many years of absolutely refusing to even try.  And of course, now she absolutely loves it!  She says she wants her own racing bike for her birthday.

De biking