Schenley Show

Today was the end of term show at Schenley Learn to Skate.  The girls all had worked with their students to choreograph routines, and they enjoyed watching them perform!  Jenya also did her Pinkie Pie "Smile" show number, and their Theater on Ice troupe performed as well.  Lots of fun – and for once the weather was pretty good, not freezing cold, not so warm that the ice was melted.

Jenya's Smile Program:


RMU Christmas Show

Wonderful day at the RMU Christmas show.  The girls were in several numbers, as usual, so lots of quick costume changes, also as usual.  Here's Crystal's Candyland number – Ben and Ana had their pairs solo during it, plus Jenya was a peppermint girl in the group number, and Dealia was a red M&M in the other group number.  Very nice!


Eastern Sectionals

Ana & Ben competed Juvenile Pairs at Eastern Sectionals in Ashburn, VA. They got a personal-best IJS score and placed 6th (of 7). This was their very first time at sectionals, and they did a terrific job – it was a great skate, they looked really nice. A LOT of hard work went into this, and it was a wonderful experience all around.

Here's their program:  

De’s Synchro

De's first synchro event on her Beginner 2 team.  They participated in Capital Critique, which is a critique, not a competition.  It was in Ballston, VA, at the Ballston Commons Mall, one block from where Lunn & I lived when we first moved to DC.  Except there wasn't an ice rink there when we lived there.


Costume Contest

Ana once again won a costume contest with her same red dress and big ret hat outfit — she won the RMU halloween skate costume contest with this same costume two years ago.  Today she won the PALS costume contest at their halloween party.  And De got an honorable mention for her Army outfit – which is actually Jenya's TOI costume from two years ago.  Jenya created a Pinkamina costume, very nicely put together, but I don't think many people at PALS knew who she was supposed to be.  

Ana won a very cute little trophy with a pumpkin on top, and De got a pirate duck as a prize.

2013-10-30 16.06.05

Computer Mayhem

The girls took apart one of our old desktops.  Jenya has been studying for her CompTIA A+ certification, so she wanted to name and identify all the different parts, ports and components.  The twins had a great time dissassembling every single thing that could be dissassembled.  Fortunately it's an old dead computer so if we can't get it back together that's ok.  

2013-08-24 21.12.16