Mentor Sunshine

A really nice day at Mentor Sunshine skating competition today.  Ben & Ana competed pairs for the very first time, and did a lovely job.  There were two other pairs teams there as well, so they got to watch the other teams and actually compete, which was really cool.  And they won, which is pretty nice too. 

Ana also competed her singles (no test), and placed 2nd (out of 5). Because they scheduled Jenya & Ana at the exact same time, Crystal couldn't put Ana out for her event, but Ana handled it like the capable young person that she is, and did a nice job.     

De skated her Basic 6 routine, with a lovely high spiral, nice presentation, gymnastics hands, and a spin that really doesn't spin.  But she looked great, and she placed 1st (out of 5).   

And Jenya skated a nice pre-pre compulsory and placed 1st (out of 9), and her pre-pre free, which placed 6th (out of 7).  One clean axel/loop, one not quite clean axel, and some spin problems, but also some very nice looking footwork and I really like her spiral.  

I think this is the first skating competition where all the kids came home with a 1st place, so that's kinda neat.  Our own little picket fence.  Very happy children on the way home.