The Competition that Wasn’t

Jenya's Spiral, originally uploaded by ruthlestina.

There was a scheduled synchro competition this weekend, with all 3 RMU teams supposed to be competing. However, due to a slapstick-worthy series of miscommunications and changing decisions centered around the snowy weather, Jenya and Ana wound up being the only two girls on their team to actually show up.

However, they did get to skate on the practice ice all by themselves for quite a while, which they enjoyed — even De! Here's Jenya showing off her lovely spiral. And later on the girls on the older teams made quite a fuss over them, gave them pins and taught them cheers.

Ice and Chocolate

Went to Hershey, PA this weekend.  Jenya and Ana's Little Blades Synchronized Skating team competed in the Reflections competition.  They placed 3rd, and did a nice job especially considering that several new girls joined the team just a couple of weeks before the show. 

The day before the competition we spent some time at Hershey's Chocolate World.  Everyone had a great time.  It's a nice small place, perfect for a couple of hours' entertainment.  Plus lots of chocolate samples, can't beat that.  The girls also liked the singing cows on the "how milk chocolate is made" tour (don't ask).  All in all a very nice weekend.