South Atlantic Regionals

We spent this weekend at the South Atlantic Non-Qual Regionals in Wake Forest, NC.   It was a busy and eventful competition weekend. 

Jenya had a very good PrePre free skate, placing 6th out of 14 with some tough competition.  She had two clean axels, no falls, and a nice combo spin, so she was very happy.  She also placed 4th out of 8 for her PrePre compulsory.


Ana skated No Test and placed 5th out of 12, despite having a very rough time because of technical problems with her music.  When they started playing her music it was so badly messed up that she didn't even recognize it.  She also had a lovely compulsory, placing 2nd out of 6. 

And Ben and Ana skated Pre-Juvenile Pairs, placing 1st by simple expident of being the only PreJuv pairs team!  They had a bad fall on the pairs spiral, but were able to pick up and go on.  It was very scary for us watching them, and Ana has some interesting bruises since she landed on the bottom with Ben on top of her, but the kids were tough and handled it very well.  And the audience was very supportive – lots of clapping and cheering for the kids when they got back up and kept skating.

Plus, the hotel was great – the kids loved the towel swan they left on the bed!


After the competition we stopped by Lunn's parents place on the way home, so we got a nice mini-visit to DC out of the trip as well.