Three in One

Very full day — spelling bee, gymnastics meet, and skating exhibition, all in one day.  Crazy, but efficient.

Jenya once again competed in the Western PA Spelling Bee.  She went into it with two goals: do better than last year, and make it to the finals.  She got one, but not the other.  She was eliminated in the fourth round of the semi-finals, which was one round away from making finals.  So close!  But "echt" tripped her up.  Still, she was a much more serious contender this year, and she did a great job.

De had her last gymnastics meet of the season, at Once Upon a Time.  She did a great job.  Seventh all-around, fourth on beam, fourth on bars.  The meet was fairytale-themed, and instead of trophies, the top 7 all-around received princess snowglobes.  De just barely squeaked in to get one, and she loves it!  Her gymnastics has improved so much this season, also, it's lovely to see.

De's Level 3 Beam, 9.2 (4th place)


De's Level 3 Bars, 8.6 (4th place)


De's Level 3 Floor, 8.7 (8th place)


Finally, all three girls skated with their synchro teams in exhibitions at Shamrock Skate.  The Junior Blades' (Jenya and Ana) last-ever performance of "Shake, Senora" was probably their best to date.  The Little Blades (De) had several new members skating the routine for the first time, so it was a bit rocky, but they managed well and had fun.