Recital Mania

Well, we survived all of the end-of-school-season madness – an assortment of recitals, shows, parties, festivals, and other activities in quick sucession.  Jenya had a speaking part in the Montessori end of term recital – if I can figure out how to post video clips I’ll link up the video.  The theme for the Montessorri show was south america, which has been the theme for a lot of the school year – so the kids can name every country, major city, and important event in south america, but aren’t clear on what country they live in… 

They also had their gymnastics recital, and got the ubiquitous medals and trophies for showing up (a trend I’m not happy about in the world as a whole, but at least now I’ve got the kids to understand that they don’t "win" those medals).  They all did a great job, and all got promoted – twins from little dipper to big dipper, Jenya from Lucky Star to Pearls (Pearls is the pre-team team prep level), so they were very happy.  And of course they did a nice job at their dance recital earlier, as well.

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