NonQual Regionals in Atlanta

Ana competed at non-qualifying regionals in Alpharetta, GA, very close to where we used to live.  She had very good skates, all her jumps were clean and she looked very good.  She got 2nd in her preliminary compulsory (out of 9), and 11th in her free skate.

We also spent some time visiting some of our old Atlanta haunts, including the house where we used to live:

2014-09-26 14.27.43

And the playground near our old house – we were last there when Jenya was 3 and the twins were one.

2014-09-26 14.57.03

Teaching English in China

Jenya is volunteering as an English teacher at a school for young kids in China.  She’s the only American there — all the other teachers are Chinese, and of course all the students are Chinese.  She’s having a great time, and learning bits and pieces of Chinese as well.  The school is only 3 blocks from our hotel, so the walk is not bad even given the 95 to 100+ degree heat.

2014-05-30 19.06.10

Jenya Gets Braces

Jenya got her braces put on today. A very long procedure – 3+ hours – but she was a trooper.  They let her pick the colors on the braces, so of course she picked rainbow.  So here’s the girl with the rainbow braces, with her favorite rainbow pony, also wearing braces!  (And yes, that’s my old tie-die dress from Stanford that she is wearing.)

2014-03-19 21.36.57

Schenley Show

Today was the end of term show at Schenley Learn to Skate.  The girls all had worked with their students to choreograph routines, and they enjoyed watching them perform!  Jenya also did her Pinkie Pie "Smile" show number, and their Theater on Ice troupe performed as well.  Lots of fun – and for once the weather was pretty good, not freezing cold, not so warm that the ice was melted.

Jenya's Smile Program: