Driving home, the sky gray and cold at 5:30 in early August. Light rain only, but the overwhelming sense of something held in abeyance, not here yet but coming. A primal sense of urgency wars with the reality of my modern protected climate controlled life. For just a moment I can almost touch something timeless. Then the rain comes crashing down and it’s just another storm, windshield wipers and taillights.

Jenya Loses Her First Tooth

So, Jenya has had a loose tooth for several weeks now, and yesterday evening it finally came out, while Grandma was over babysitting. Fortunately Lunn and I had just picked up a couple of kiddie computer games with Jenya in mind, so these were pressed into service as tooth fairy stock. Jenya is very happy that the tooth is gone, but the computer games were something of a dissapointment — she wants to fight dragons like Daddy, not play word games. However, she has recovered nicely, and is impressing her sisters with her ability to whistle thru the gap in her teeth.