ISI Worlds Boston Day Two

First day of actual skating — this is easily the biggest skating event we've attended, not surprisingly.  The girls went nuts looking at all the vendors, all the displays, and meeting all the other skaters.  There are people here from all over the country, plus several other countries including China and Qatar. 

We bought a new competition dress for Jenya, after of course she spent a huge amount of time comparison shopping.  Nice blue one — Lunn's planning to gem it up himself, it should look wonderful when he's done. 

Jenya skated her FS1 compulsory — unfortunately she had a bad fall during warm up and knocked her funny bone, then she went on first and promptly forgot what she was supposed to do.  So she just sort of improvised, wound up getting all the required elements in but not in the required order, and also went over time.  Oh well — at least she didn't just stand there.  Here's the video of her "nonstandard" routine…



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