Daredevil De and the Waterpark

I had promised the girls and myself that we’d go to Sandcastle, the local waterpark, before the end of summer.  We cut it pretty close, but I was able to carve out a day off this past friday to take the girls and mom to Sandcastle.  We all had a wonderful time – it was brutally hot, but once we got wet it wasn’t bad, and the girls are finally big enough to really enjoy a lot of the attractions.  Last time we went, which was two or three years ago, the girls weren’t up for anything more than the kiddie wading pool and mini slides.  This year, they all enjoyed the double tube ride, taking turns riding it with me.  It’s a cool ride that goes thru dark tunnels and has some fast but not too fast turns and dips.  They also enjoyed Wet Willie’s, the bigger kid play area, and jumping and bodysurfing the waves in the wave pool.

De was especially adventurous, tho, and wanted to go on every ride she could.  She was too short for several of them, but was allowed to go on the Boardwalk Blasters, a slide advertised as an "extreme action slide" that ends in a 7 foot drop into a 12 foot deep pool.    I went on it with her, and boy did it pack a punch!  She was the littlest kid to try it by a good margin, but she handled it like a trooper, flying down the slide and popping right up out of the water.  The lifeguard commended her for being such an amazingly good swimmer.  I didn’t bring a camera, since I didn’t want to have to juggle it around all that water, so unfortunatley I don’t have any pictures of the great adventure.   All in all, a great day, and a nice end of summer treat before school and all the fall activities start up.

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