De is learning to drive

De got her learner’s permit two days ago, and has been driving at every opportunity ever since. For anyone who doesn’t believe visualization learning is a real thing, De is providing a strong example of how well it works. So, since she’s the youngest and the last to learn to drive, she’s been watching all 3 of her siblings go thru the process over the last few years – and it turns out she’s been listening and imagining that she is the one driving, and practicing in her head. So when she actually finally starts learning to drive, she is the fastest I have ever seen. She literally goes from first time behind the wheel, in an empty parking lot, learning where the brake and gas pedals are, to competently driving all the way from home to the Y and back on back roads, in less than 48 hours. She still has a lot to learn, of course, but her rate of progress is like nothing i’ve ever seen.

Pirates and Pools

Day one of our Eclipse trip – we drove through Ohio, had dinner at a Culver’s near Cincinnati, and ended the day in an awesome pirate ship themed hotel room at Wildwood Inn in Kentucky.  The hotel room has a loft with a bed and sitting area upstairs, bunkbeds under the stairs, more beds downstairs, and is painted and decorated like a pirate ship throughout, complete with rigging and sails and lamps that look like oil lamps.  It’s very awesome.  Plus, there’s a pool and a hot tub and air hockey.  And good free wifi.  Too bad we are only here for one night!