Columbus Holiday Competition

Very nice single day competition in Columbus.  We did this one last year — a lot of fun.  Ben came with us as well, and the kids had a great time playing in the hotel pool, watching 'Up' on TV, and then of course spending the next day skating. 

Jenya skated Pre-Preliminary "A" (no axel) for her free skate, and won (1st out of 5).  She also skated Pre-Preliminary compulsory, and placed 2nd (out of 6).  Here's her free skate:



Ana skated No Test Free Skate for the second time ever, and placed 2nd out of 5.  She also skated No Test Compulsory, and placed 4th out of 7.  Here is her free skate:



And Dealia skated as well – moving up to Basic Skills Level 6 for her free skate.  She placed 3rd out of 4.  Here's her skate – note the dress, it's actually her rhythmic competition leo, but it looked so nice we decided to use it for skating too.



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